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Episode One Hundred Sixty Seven: "Looks like Public School 167. I got expelled from there."

This week, we talk about Rick Santorum, Wal Mart, Occupy Wall Street and a few other stories.

Rick Santorum wants to ban all contraceptives.

Harold Camping was wrong about the end of the world... again

A Kentucky political (a Republican) wants to "go Taliban" on the Occupy Wall Street protesters

Onemillionmoms.org is at it again.

Fox News attempts a smear campaign on an Occupy woman.

We have a ton of feedback after the news. Thank you everyone for writing and calling in!

Music this week is from"

The Art of War - Intro and outro themes

The Bomboras - "A Fistful of Terror"

The Ghastly Ones Featuring Rob Zombie - Halloween (She Gets So Mean)

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