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Two episodes in one! Last time we recorded, there were internet issues, so I saved that to add to the next time we recorded. Bad Batch, COVID, What If...? and a whole lot more.



Vaccinations, COVID, The Bad Batch, traitors, the Olympics, insurrectionists and the G.O.P..


Get vaccinated, dummies.

This week, vaccinations, fires, Loki, a right wing gathering in MA and a whole lot more.
Get vaccinated.



This week, we go over The Bad Batch, we discuss a little bit about the plot of Loki, but mostly speculate who will show up in the last episode, we don't talk Black Widow - that will be next week and as usual, we jump from subject to subject.


Frank has a web show - Ticket Stubs and Popcorn - check it out!



Loki, Bad Batch, Resistance, heat waves, spaceship names, DC movies and more.


Don't forget Frank's show, Ticket Stubs and Popcorn.


After a week or so of Frank being away from the studio, we are back talking about the premier of Loki and the follow up episode, as well as getting up to date on Star Wars: The Bad Batch. A bit more off topic things thrown in round out another episode. Also, check out the quality difference in Frank's voice this week. Turns out... it wasn't Chris' fault!


Check out Frank's webshow, Ticket Stubs and Popcorn:


While trying to make the audio better, Chris somehow made Frank sound a little bit worse. It sounded better live is no excuse, but I didn't want to completely throw out the recording. Next week will be better.

This week, we are all movies and T.V. starting with some stuff Frank watched. From there, we talk about Bad Batch, for some reason, Mad About You and a bunch of other shows and movies.


Check out Frank's show, Ticket Stubs and Popcorn on youtube.


This episode was recorded Sunday, May 30th, 2021. At that time, it was raining in Massachusetts and we talk about how funny that is. We also talk Star Wars Bad Batch a little and then hit a number of other topics until we get tired of talking to each other.


Check out Ticket Stubs and Popcorn



This episode covers topics like, Star Wars - The Bad Batch, Tenet, police construction details, non-binary people and how people react to them, COVID-19, police violence,  plus so much more that I forgot we talked about since we recorded the episode.



First off, did you see the Apple Watch bands that cost $500?!! In this episode, we talk about the first two episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. After that, a few random things and we close out with reviewing Rolling Stone's Top 100 Sit-coms of all Time.


Next week Frank will discuss Tenent while Chris asks questions because he will not watch it. Chris talks about the Batman: No Man's Land audio drama which Frank has not listened to. Should be fun.


Check out Frank's web show, Ticket Stubs and Popcorn on YouTube.


Bill has an album review show you need to subscribe to - Front 2 Back on Spotify.

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