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This week, we discuss the influx of most likely, misinformed people, to the Facebook group.  From there, we talk about COVID, equal rights, the terrorist attack on the Capitol, conspirators and traitors in the Senate and Congress and what should be done with them.

We finish off with a light - but spoiler filled all over the place discussion of the first two episodes of WandaVision.

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What a week! The Senate was flipped, Biden was confirmed and the right wing nut cases flipped OUT! Obviously, we focus on sedition, treason and terrorism on this week's show. We also touch on captioning and the old Chevy Chase, Bill Murray feud. There's more sprinkled in as well, like we always do.

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In the last episode of the year, we talk about what we've watched, including Wonder Woman 1984 as well as some other movies and TV. We dip shortly into the insanity of the US Senate before the end but not before we talk about a bunch of random stuff in between.

Hope you have a Happy New Year, and remember as Howard Jones taught us - Things can only get better.

This episode, we discuss the season finale of The Mandalorian. It is totally spoiler filled, so be warned. We also theorize a bit about what's coming next. After that we talk a bit about pronouns and being supportive.

This week, we talk about the penultimate episode of this season's Mandalorian. We go over a bunch of the Disney announcements and discuss what we hope will come out of them. As usual, we talk a bit of politics and personal stuff as well.


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Little delay on this week's episode, due to sickness. We talk Mandalorian and where it could be going from last weeks events, as well as a bunch of other things. So, all in all, a normal episode.


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This week is a spoiler filled discussion of The Mandalorian chapters 12 and 13. This now brings us up to date on all episodes as of November 27th. There is a lot of information and a lot of setup for future episodes or seasons in these last few episodes. We talk story, spoilers, characters, Easter Eggs and do a bit of speculation on where the show could be headed.


Also included in this episode, another update from Frank about his cross country adventure and a quick bit about the ongoing political idiocy Trump is performing.


The closing segment is a pitch meeting about The New Mutants.

This week, we talk about last week's episode of The Mandalorian, Frank's westward adventure and a number of other things. Side note, a little over 40 minutes were edited out due to Chris talking about something he should wait longer to talk about. Apparently, he forgot he was recording a show? Hopefully at some point, we will work the cut audio back into a future show.

This week, no one still knows what episode it is, we have some post election conversation, Chapter 10 - aka season 2 episode 2 of the Mandalorian discussion, and a lot about Frank's trek west. There's more than that of course. Hope you enjoy.


We end the show with a song that Frank talks about at the end of the episode.



In this episode, we talk about episode 1, season 2 aka Chapter 9 of the Mandalorian. After that, we talk a bit about the election and some thanks to listeners. So far, as of November 5th, things are looking better. Everybody hang in there.

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