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Episode One Hundred Seventy Two: "Okay, Zoot, it's time for your solo. Have you looked over the music?"
This week, schedules didn't work out so it's a one man show. Chris talks about churches taking their money out of Wall Street and a Kentucky church that hates inter-racial marriage. We stop off for a spell in Rush Limbaugh's demented mind, have a quick respite with Newt Gingrich and then arrive at our destination - crazy-town. Population: Michelle Bachmann. A girl in the Middle East was jailed because SHE was raped, and the conditions for her release are abhorrent. A 5 year old boy is going to be tried for sexual misconduct for playing Doctor with a 6 year old girl. And, to wrap things up, apparently, atheists are as reviled as rapists.
Next week, we'll get to all your feedback, I wanted to wait till Frank could take part in it.
Music this week is from:
The Art of War - Opening and closing themes
They Might Be Giants - "I, Palindrome I"
Stabbing Westward - "Save Yourself"
Jason Segel and Walter - "Life's a Happy Song"
Kermit and Brett MacKenzie - "Life's a Happy Song"
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