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Episode One Hundred Ninety: "Did you get to the part yet where they say that science hasn't proven anything?"

To celebrate Chris' birthday we have decided to watch one of the most disturbing documentaries ever filmed; "Jesus Camp."

Some trivia that you might find interesting:In November 2006, a male prostitute alleged that pastor Ted Haggard (president of the National Association of Evangelicals) had paid him for sex for three years and had also purchased and used crystal methamphetamine. Haggard acknowledged some of the allegations and was removed from all of his leadership positions in religious organizations, including the church he founded.

Since the making of the film, Becky Fischer, children's pastor for Kids on Fire, announced that due to negative reactions to the camp after the film, including telephone calls and vandalism, the camp, which was held once a year for three weeks, has been discontinued indefinitely and will be replaced by other events.

Music is from The Art of War

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