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Episode One Hundred Fifty Two: "You're only 152 years old. And I won't have you cut down in the prime of your life."

This week, we talk a little bit about the debt ceiling talks, and how Rupert Murdoch's empire is starting to crumble. Then we get  into the meat of the show. Here are links to the stuff we covered:

Governor Rick Perry's prayer rally may be unconstitutional.

Austrian Atheist/Pastafarian wins the right to wear "religious" headgear in official photo.

Wisconsin may allow an online gun safety course to suffice for training before you can conceal carry.

Slave Leia PSA (video)

Do you have a fat kid? How about social services takes them away?

Phone hacking may reach into the USA.

The honey badger - he doesn't care (video)

What can a PC user do that a Mac user can't?

Touch Derek Jeter's balls, get taxed for $14,000... maybe make a fortune.

Music this week is from:

Art of War - "Intro and Outro themes"

Kenny Loggins - "Highway to the Danger Zone"

L7 - "Shove"

Jesus Jones - "Right Here, Right Now"

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