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Episode One Hundred Fifty Six: "Okay. Back home... I'm worth $156 million dollars."

This week, we talk a little about "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," free of spoilers, and "Super 8" full of spoilers. Chris and Frank spontaneously lay out their presidential platform. Then we move on to our news stories for the week. Here are some links to this week's topics:

Petition calls for Bert and Ernie to be married. Seriously.

(Just released, the day after we recorded, Sesame Workshop responds the the petition. Basically says, "Shut the hell up." Only more polite)

Woman eats her deceased husband's ashes to help her cope with his death.

Why didn't President Obama's "Hip-Hop BBQ birthday party" create jobs? Wait... what?

36 million pounds of salmonella tainted turkey went out the door and killed people.

Looks like a hovering bunny is going to drop an egg on Jesus' head.

Comcast offers $10 internet for low income families.

Did you know, President Obama secretly supports the London riots.

Background on the London riots.

People are displeased with the GOP because they are displeased with President Obama. Wait... WHAT?!

Keith Olbermann on Michelle Bachmann's Newsweek cover photo.

Bank of America needs to, by law, maintain all of it's seized, vacant, foreclosed properties in one state.

Here's some stories that we mentioned but couldn't get to:

Rick Santorum says lower your cell phone bill if you can't afford health care.

John Boehner claims that the credit downgrade wouldn't have happened if the GOP had been allowed to cut Medicare.

Eric Cantor opposes extending unemployment benefits. Seriously, this again?

Red States use the most Federal dollars. Are you surprised? Nope, me either.

Music this week is from:

The Art of War - "Opening and closing themes"

They Might BE Giants - "Ana Ng"

The Ghastly Ones - "Ghastly Stomp"

The Nebulas - "It's GO! Time"

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