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Episode One Hundred Fifty One: "Oh! She just added a name. Now it's one thousand one hundred and fifty one."

This week, per special request, we talk about the terrible things the Kansas government is trying to do to the three remaining clinics that perform abortions. This will be a story that we will surely revisit. We also discuss Casey Anthony a tiny bit (as much as she deserves) and then we keep moving from one story to another. Check out the links below.

Kansas abortion clinic denied license.

New Kansas law threatens abortion rights.

Another article about the Kansas laws for abortion clinics.

Kansas abortion rules tested in Federal court.

Federal Judge block Kansas abortion rules.

Temporary block placed on Kansas abortion rules.

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? You may have false memories.

The Mayor of Alto Texas says to buy a gun because they just laid off all the cops. (video)

Do you know the age of consent in Vatican City? Are you sure you want to know? (video)

The Catholic League responds to New York's acceptance of gay marriage.

An moronic inmate in a Michigan prison claims he has a Constitutional right to pornography.

Another sign that Rand Paul doesn't get it. Hungry seniors should turn to charity.

Orrin Hatch is a moron. He claims the poor should do more to shrink the debt, not the rich.

Zach Kopplin demolishes Michelle Bachmann's statements about evolution.

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