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Episode One Hundred Fifty Five: "Quit butting in please. Your IQ is a mere 155 while mine is a muscular 170."

This week, we start the show talking about Harry Potter and Green Lantern. This leads nicely into our first story, Glenn Beck is OUTRAGAGED with the new mixed-race Spider-Man! OUTRAGED! Now, never mind that it in the Ultimate series and Peter Parker is still around in other books. Also, never mind that in 1992, there was a series called Spider-Man 2099 that featured a future web slinger by the name of Miguel O'Hara. This is apparently Michelle Obama's fault. Also, Glenn asserts that the new Spidey is probably gay too. How that matters, I have no idea, but consider the source.

Links for other stories covered are below.

There is ANOTHER Snow White movie in the works.

Pat Buchanan calls President Obama "Your boy" while speaking to Al Sharpton.

Michelle Bachmann and the crazy "Marriage vow" she signed.

A carjacker tries to steal a police car and uses "The Dark Knight Rises" as an excuse.

Morrissey, the tactful compassionate person we know him as, compares the Norway massacre to the slaughter of animals for fast food. Stay classy, douche.

Ann Coulter, the tactful compassionate intelligent person we know her as, want gays to hide in the closet, forever. Stay classy, douche.

Here are some awesome reviews for the King James version of the Bible on Amazon.

Frank's favorite story of the week, owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy.

Want to text in a theater, make sure you freak out appropriately when asked to stop.

Then, after you press charges on the woman that tapped you on the shoulder, make sure you give a crazy threat filled interview.

And, our top story:

Rep Steve King calls covering birth control pills "Orwellian."

Fox News compares covering birth control pills and abuse counseling to covering manicures.

Our "Are You Still There?" audio clip can be found here.

Music the week is from:

The Art of War - intro and outro themes

The Bloodhound Gang - "Pennsylvania"

Danzig - "Her Black Wings"

Anthrax - "Got the Time"

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