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Episode One Hundred Fifty Eight: "Oh they will know about it, Burke. From me. Just like they'll know that you were responsible for the deaths if 158 colonists here."

Question: Should everyone involved in the 9/11 attacks be labeled as heroes? There were heroes to be sure, but there were victims as well. Does calling everyone a hero lessen the impact of the word? Des is lessen the acts of those that ran in the buildings when others were running out? Does it elevate the victims to a level that maybe they shouldn't be at? Frank raises the question and it's not as easy an answer as you might think. Also, we start this episode with some real movie reviews, with grades and everything!

Father of the year locks his daughters in a room for 41 years.

9/11 documentary glorifies Bush, not concerned with facts.

10 myths about television that people believe.

GOP: Tax cuts for the rich create jobs. GOP corporate chairman: "Baloney."

Young people are not worth minimum wage, GOP says in New Hampshire.

GOP oppose tax cuts for working people.

Bank of America to Rick Perry: "We'll help you out." (video)

Why don't we resent Steve Job's wealth?

Anti-gay Indiana state rep solicited 18 year old boy on craigslist.

Disney is pretty sure they don't need scripts.

Texas vampire attacks random woman.

Teen charged with planning to blow up Freedom High School.

Ben Stein argues with Bill O'Reilly about taxing the rich.

Anne Hathaway rap re-mixed with Nero and Skrillex by DJ Woody. (video)

We are going to move away from news and politics for the next three weeks. If anything super infuriating happens, we'll do a bonus show. Meanwhile, starting next week, please enjoy out Star Wars Original Trilogy commentary episodes.

Music this week is from:

The Art of War - "AYS intro and outro themes"

Guns n Roses - "You Could Be Mine"

Madness - "It Must Be Love"

Joy Division - "Twenty Four Hours"

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