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Episode One Hundred Eighty Two: "My name is Ivan Knezevic and I live in Petar Drapsin 182 Street."

This week, since he was in the news so much, we have a lo of Rick Santorum quotes to talk about. One Million Moms (I call shenanigans on that number) tried to ban JC Penney because of Ellen DeGeneris being names spokeswoman and boy, did that backfire. Some morons thinks Orcas in Sea World are "slaves." Plus, a whole lot more from us this week on Are You Serious.

Santorum To Rape Victims: ‘Make The Best Out Of A Bad Situation’

Thou shalt not spill thy seed! Anti-masturbation amendment added to anti-abortion bill.

Army Silences Catholic Chaplains

Redbox, Verizon Announce Streaming Joint Venture: Could Spell Trouble for Netflix

Age at which Americans become Christian

Sasha Grey Filmmaker To Donate 'Anal Artists' Proceeds To Read Across America, NEA Declines

Olbermann mocks GOP lawmaker for linking to satirical ‘Abortionplex’ article

Congressman Fooled by 'Onion' Planned Parenthood Story

Tim Tebow for President? New Poll Shows a Quarter of Americans Would Vote for Broncos QB

Ellen DeGeneres stands up to one million moms

Music this week is from:

The Art of War - intro and outro theme

Veruca Salt - "Best You Can Get"

They Might Be Giants - "I Palandrome I"

The Reverend Horton Heat - "Five-O-Ford"

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