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This week, since so many strange things happened, we jump right in feet first and wade through all the disgusting Santorum. After that, we talk about signing paperwork and not reading it, home schooling, incorrect trailers on kid's movies, kinky nuns and proper grammar, and why people think it's o.k. to "show some hate" to atheists. Chris then details a conversation he had on Facebook that was the last straw for him.

Links for this wee's stories:

OSU Football Player Asks Twitter Followers to “Show Some Hate” To An Atheist

Kinky nuns, tattooed Christ, spark protests in Spain

Oops: BBC weatherman predicts ‘bucket loads of c*nt

Kristy Gaffney Fights For Child After 'Unknowingly' Signing Adoption Papers With Man She Met Online

Would Santorum Jail People for Masturbating?

Rick Santorum Calls For End Of Public Education, Says Parents Should Home School Their Kids

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