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This week, Breonna Taylor, Trump, post election problems, scammers, businesses that helped in their own demise, Wanda Vision, The SCP Foundation, and more.


Our ending segment is from The Volgun:


This episode was recorded before we learned of the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Instead, we talk ethnic cleansing, movies, T.V. Gina Carano, schools opening and Pueblo Colorado.


Hope you enjoy.



The Nobel peace prize, Bob Woodward, Rise of Skywalker, some reassurance from our Norwegian friends, The Mandalorian and Obi Wan shows, Cobra Kai and a little bit about Amazon's The Boys. We end with audio of Screen Rant's pitch meeting for Rise of Skywalker. Check them out on YouTube if you're not familiar. They can criticize a movie while keeping it light and fun.



This week, Frank wraps up his re-watch of BBT, there's a surprise fence, we talk a tiny bit about Star Trek Lower Decks, a bit about Trump, some about a name Chris' daughter made up, and a bunch more relevant and irrelevant stuff that can't be remembered right now because I didn't take notes and I'm not going back to get a list of topics. Hope you enjoy.





A day late but zero dollars short, this week we talk about losing a good man, Trump, home repairs and the turgid Sturgis Corona convention. Of course there's more thrown in for good measure, like movies and TV talk.


Stay safe, wear your masks.


This week, Sturgis becomes a hotspot, masks are not being worn, people are tired of the virus, so they are ignoring the dangers, we end the show with something extremely rare for us... an outtake, I adjusted Frank's levels so he sounds more full and less trapped in a tin can, and so much more.


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Another week, another bunch of ratlickers not wearing masks, going to Sturgis, Walmart, and wanting to open schools and movie theaters. It's not going to end well, is it?



Contact us at areyouseriouspodcast@gmail.com and I promise I'll check the account before we record next week! 

This week, we talk about movie theater popcorn, opening schools, the NRA, that Axios interview, just how dumb our president is, and much more.


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This week, we talk about house upgrades, instagram accounts, people who have come down with Covid-19, the Emmy nominations, Chris' really bad Thursday, dogs running loose, and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Write us at areyouseriouspodcast@gmail.com

This week, Chris and Frank are completely exhausted by all the bull crap going on in the world. Listen in and see if you share their attitude.


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