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Episode One Hundred Fifty Nine: "I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion."

This week Chris and Frank forgo the usual news, politics, religion and stupidity and offer up a change: running commentary for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Why? Well, to be honest, why not? The commentary has some good parts, but there is a lot of name calling and crude words. So, pretty much par for the course, I guess. We hope you enjoy it. Next week, we will be tackling The Empire Strikes Back and the week after will be Return of the Jedi. Then the episode after, will feature a detailed review of the blu-ray releases.

Keep an eye out for special bonus episodes in the next few weeks of Are You Serious addressing some of our usual topics.

Music this week is from:

The Art of War

Check them out on reverbnation.com

Don't forget our "Abstinence only doesn't work" campaign. We here at the Are You Serious Podcast suggest that if you can't resist your urges, engage orally. We are looking for campaign slogans in the vein of  "Wear a pearl necklace, not a maternity dress." Submit your slogans today!

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